Recipes Ideas

Dear Patients: 

We know that you have all gotten the rules from  Dr. Palmer on what you are supposed to eat, but maybe some of these sites can help make the variety a little better.  This is NOT permission to eat foods that you know you are supposed to stay away from while pregnant!  The sites may vary considerably off the approved menu for your gestational diabetes.

Happy & Healthy Eating but remember those diet sheets.


Ideas from Diabetic Cooking Magazine

One of Dr Palmer's favorites: Great easy recipes with total carbs, proteins and fats are listed with the directions to help keep you on track.


Holidays Ideas from American Diabetes Association

Ideas from American Diabetes Association

They have a lot of recipes plus carb counting on their site.

Ideas from

The recipes are great in diabetic section - yummie!


Ideas from

Has a nice selction of recipes in diabetic section of their site.


Ideas from

"They've put together a unique collection of over 800 diabetic and heart-healthy recipes that have been developed for your personal use."


Ideas from Diabetic Gourmet magazine

They have a diabetic Recipe Archive to go through.


Ideas from

Searchable database with thousands of recipes.


Ideas from

Some of these sound awesome.